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Smarter Email Management


It’s not like it used to be… managing heavy email volumes and important email information requires a unique Smarter approach and system in order to do so effectively. Email has the power to make or break, help or hinder outcomes, reputations and relationships.


The What, Why, and How of Email Etiquette:


·      Learn why your email messages are ignored and/or misunderstood

·      Learn what kind of messages you should avoid using email in which to communicate

·      Find out what the 15 most annoying, time-wasting email habits are to users


The What, Why and How of Email Management:


·      Learn how to get less email

·      Know the 3 questions to ask for all incoming email so you can make a decision on what to do with it

·      Learn how to set-up a filing system that will allow you to file and find it faster

·      Learn the 3 habits that, if practiced, will help you become an email management pro!

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