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Excel Pivot Tables


Today’s data flow is a little like drinking from a fire hose! It’s all just a lot of bits and bytes until it gives you information you can use. Pivot tables are the accepted standard for analyzing and aggregating data to support business decisions. If you thought this very important skill was out of reach, this session is for you! You’ll get step by step instructions for:

  • ·         Preparing your data for use in a Pivot Tables
  • ·         Creating and modifying Pivot Tables in a few clicks
  • ·         Building in interactivity
  • ·         Easy, simply ways to chart and graph your data
  • ·         Troubleshooting common problems

While this presentation will be shown from Excel 2010, all information will be applicable to Excel 2007 and Excel 2013, as well. (Some concepts of pivot tables will be transferrable to 2003, but the screens, tools and navigation are different.)

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